As a hard-core fisherman, this caught my eye. "...increasing Colorado park passes, hunting and fishing licenses up to 60%, " are among the ideas Colorado Parks and Wildlife are considering to help deal with the current budget shortfall. 

CPW are discussing several ways to generate revenue with state lawmakers. Among other ideas is adding a new fee for nonmotorized boats. Currently, they don't have to be licensed in Colorado. Another idea that could impact boaters is a possible additional fee to help combat invasive aquatic species. CPW has suggested to lawmakers a $15 aquatic nuisance species fee for nonmotorized boats, $25 for motorized boats for Colorado residents, and $50 for out-of-state boats.

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Another idea is a suggested $20 increase in the application fee for hunting licenses and raising the cost of the waterfowl stamp to $10. The states resident elk hunting permit price hasn’t increased since 2005. That increase too would require lawmakers approval.

Yet another suggestion is increased park usage fees. CPW can raise park fees pretty much at their discretion. However, that authority expires at the end of this year unless the Legislature takes action.

At this point, these are all suggestions. If increased boating, hunting, and fishing permit fees don't sound like something you're ok with, I'd reach out to your state representative.

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