Tumbleweed Dispensary is set to open it's Express Drive-Thru this Thursday. You've already made the connect, right? Thursday is 4/20.

It's human nature. Mankind has always wanted to be first. The first to climb a mountain. First to the cross an ocean. The first to the moon. Now folks in Western Colorado can be first through this first-ever marijuana shop.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

I shared the story months ago when the announcement was made that a drive-thru store was in the works. Now the day is finally here. The shop is right next to their regular location just off I-70 in Parachute.

The idea came about because of demand. Store owners realized that not everyone could make it during their regular 9am-9pm business hours. Some special consideration had to be worked into the plan given the law that nobody under 21 is allowed in pot stores (even in the back seat) and product can't be visible outside. I'm not exactly sure how it's going to work but apparently, everything's a go for the 4/20 launch.

So if being a "first" and experiencing a "first" is something of meaning to you, make the drive up to Parachute this Thursday and make history. There can be only one first. I'm sure construction on Colorado's second drive-thru is currently under way.

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