Since today is 4/20 I wanted to know the funniest things you've heard today. Grand Junction has some funny 4/20 sayings, for sure.

April 20 has become a holiday here in Colorado. 4/20 is for celebrating all things weed. With 4/20 comes some funnies, these are Grand Junction's funniest 4/20 sayings.

Hopefully you were prepared for the Weed Santa Clauses last night. Apparently they drop off some goodies on 4/20 eve.

I heard this one on Free Beer and Hot Wings this morning while they were playing a game. Unfortunately the contestant didn't get this one right. It's 'kush.'

4/20 is on a Friday this year, so this one definitely makes sense. I wonder how many people are celebrating FrHIGHday aka 4/20 today.

This one could also be used as a pick up line any time of the year. And this one too: 'do you smoke? Because weed look good together."

I've heard that 4/20 is like a stoner's Christmas. So this one definitely makes sense. After all, you do get two Santas. (Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg.)

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