'Tis the season to watch out for feisty bighorn sheep on the Colorado National Monument.

The Colorado National Monument wants everyone to continue looking out for wildlife while on the Monument, especially bighorn sheep, especially now. The desert bighorn sheep on the Colorado National Monument are especially active right now and described as 'feisty' on the Colorado National Monument's Facebook page.

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The rams on the Colorado National Monument are doing whatever it takes to find their ewes. The ram pictured above and below was chasing a ewe on Rim Rock Drive and was chasing her around cars, motorcycles, and bikes. The ram chased her through one of the tunnels on Rim Rock Drive and we think his motto was 'persistence is key.'

The reason why bighorn sheep are especially active on the Colorado National Monument is due to breeding season, or rutting season. The rutting season for desert bighorn sheep is August through November, according to Big Horn Institute. If you see rams fighting, it's usually during this time of the year.

It's amazing that baby bighorn sheep are born high on the cliffs and can walk and climb the day they are born. The Colorado National Monument stated on their Facebook to keep your eyes open for bighorn sheep over the next month or so because

The bighorn sheep may dart into the road with no notice.

Next time you take a trip up to the Colorado National Monument, make sure you pay extra attention and watch out for bighorn sheep and of course, other wildlife too.

Spotted: Bighorn Sheep on the Colorado National Monument

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