A favorite song can pick you up when you are feeling down and turn the whole day around if it comes on at just the right time. We asked our audience this week about songs that help pick them up or make them happy here in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

Have you got a song that you sing along to whenever you hear it? Maybe one that makes you tap your feet no matter how many times you have heard it? Our list of answers from you has the beginnings of a great playlist with plenty of room for more.

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Grand Junction Colorado's Favorite Feel-Good Songs

There is really no wrong answer to this. Got a song that you love? Add it to our list of songs that help make ya feel great because someone else may never have heard that song before. There is nothing like hearing a great song for the first time. Maybe you'll discover a new favorite by the time you scroll through this list.

Drop by this link on our Facebook page to see the original question and to add your favorite feel-good title to the list.

Grand Junction Shares Favorite Songs That Just Make Us Feel Good

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