When a family who had a layover at the Denver Airport tried to board with their guinea pigs, the airlines told them no. They're now stuck at DIA with their pets.

The Riley family took a trip from Missouri to Montana to visit their dad while he was working there. The family drove there and booked a flight for the way back.

This family brought their pets along with hem, which happened to be guinea pigs. On the way back, the flew from Bozeman, Montana and had a layover in Denver.

Although they boarded with no issue in Bozeman, Denver wasn't the same. When they boarded their final flight, United Airlines said they were unable to board because of their guinea pigs.

The mom says they wish they would've known this from the start and that they couldn't find anything in United's policies against guinea pigs. Their policy states they allow cats, dogs, rabbits, and household birds.

This isn't the first time that someone has had an issue with trying to bring their pets on board at the Denver Airport. In December a college student was forced to leave her beta fish behind because of the airlines. While TSA approved the fish, the airlines did not.

DIA ended up taking care of the fish named Cassie until its owner could come back and pick her up.

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