Fall and early Winter are the very best times to wet a line

When most guys are thinking hunting, I'm thinking fishing. First, fishing has no season. It's a year-around sport. Don't get me wrong, I'm no ice fisherman. And I won't track through the snow to get to a fishing hole but until it's just too cold to go, I'm all about it. Back home, some of my more successful outings were in the fall. But once the water temperature dropped into the low 40s most of the fish I chased get pretty lethargic. Trout is a cold water species and that lend themselves to my fall fishing. The fact is the colder water holds more oxygen and is actually better for trout which means they will actually fight harder.

Another misconception is that when cold weather hits, and the bugs and insects dissapear, that there's not much for trout to eat. Not true. Stonefly nymphs and midges hatch year-around and there are other larvae that live on the river bottom that trout love to eat.


Cooler weather makes for more comfortable outings and there is far less fishing pressure. Just two more reasons to grab a fly rod in the fall. The fact is we're just starting to see the leaves change and some cooler days in the forecast. The best is yet to come. Who's ready to go fishing?

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