The rumors have been flying and will continue to fly for the next several months when it comes to potential suitors and buyers for the Denver Broncos. The team will possibly be for sale in 2022 with a price tag of around $4 BILLION.

Recently, Amazon's Jeff Bezos and rap legend Jay Z were in the mix as potential buyers.

Do they have deep pockets? Yes. Could they successfully run an NFL team? Possibly.

While those two are a question mark, there is NO QUESTION that an ownership group that includes two of the biggest names in Denver Broncos history would be a HUGE success. At the very least, in the eyes of Broncos Country.

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According to 9 News, John Elway, who has been the president of football operations since 2011 is reportedly interested in being an integral part of an ownership group if the team is put up for sale.

THIS comes on the same day that CBS Sports reported that Peyton Manning was also interested in being a part of a group to buy the team as well. Could it be? Two of the greatest competitors and Broncos of all time going head to head for Broncos' ownership? \

I think it would be great if EITHER ONE of these gentlemen were a part of ownership. I think even if they were to go head-to-head, there wouldn't be anything but mutual respect on both sides because that's what their relationship was, is, and always will be.

It would make sense for Elway to be a part of this because he was practically a son to late owner Pat Bowlen who traded for Elway after the 1983 draft. They won a LOT together. I'm sure Elway would love to pick up the torch from his former mentor and honor everything that Pat Bowlen did for so many years in building this into one of the greatest franchises in the NFL.

Manning would make sense because we know the love and grateful heart he has towards Elway and the organization after they took a chance on him after his neck surgery nearly ended his career in 2010 - 2011.

Manning has now planted his roots here in Colorado and has expressed interest in staying in the game and possibly being a part of ownership at some level. Let's dream for a second though, how incredible would it be if both Elway and Manning were on the same ownership team?

Now THAT would be awesome and I think a wish most Broncos fans would make. While all of this is speculation, one thing is for certain, the team will most likely be sold in 2022.

Let's just hope that it's to someone that bleeds orange and will show as much care and pride for this franchise as John Elway and Peyton Manning has done for so many years.

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