Two elk get into a fight over a dispute over pumpkins that are part of a Halloween display in Estes Park. This is what the elk were thinking during their fight.

The bull lowers his head to eat more of the tasty pumpkin treat. It reminds him of the pumpkin pie he had when he was just a fawn. Another bull approaches and is immediately mad because the first bull knows pumpkins are his favorite and his friend said absolutely nothing.

The second bull locks horns with the first bull to let him know "you have betrayed me, you greedy elk you. Have the past 8 years we've spent together meant nothing to you?" The first bull just seems to want to push his "friend" out of the way to get as much pumpkin-age as possible.

The first bull rolls the pumpkin down the hill to distract the other bull. The second bull is not amused with his antics, as he can see the other bull is bogarting at least two pumpkins to himself. "Seriously?" the second bull thinks as he sees his friend returning to the pumpkin patch.

As the first bull returns to his destroyed Halloween display/personal pumpkin patch, the second back comes back for more. The bulls lock horns again and we can only hope they worked out their trust and food distribution issues. Hopefully, the bulls found a way to split the delicious pumpkins, fairly, between them.

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