During a rain delay at the Verizon Center in Washington, Houston Rockets player Dwight Howard entertained fans and played one-on-one with a little kid.

Here's 38 seconds of Howard going up against a little blonde kid in a bit of one-on-one. Even thought Howard's not holding anything back and absolutely schooling the child, the little boy doesn't seem to mind very much.

It's actually pretty cute to watch the boy try to block Howard's shots or be turned into the monkey in the middle as Howard goes for an alley-oop. We actually feel a little bad that Howard keeps dunking on the little guy, but it's all in good fun and helps to entertain the crowd. But it might have been just a bit too mean, albeit also hilarious, on Howard's part when he blocked the heck out of the kid's layup shot. On the bright side, the little boy can say with pride that he's played ball with the pros.

Watch the video above and marvel at the faux-mean cuteness of the proceedings.

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