Are Velvet Revolver once again looking to fill the vacancy left by Scott Weiland? While Weiland seems to think so, bassist Duff McKagan denies that there's anything going on at the moment concerning a new frontman.

Weiland stated in a recent interview that he heard that Velvet Revolver were holding auditions and that he wondered if he should join "the cattle call." Even though he's talked recently about potentially returning, the band's members have not reciprocated with an invite.

McKagan tells VH1 Radio Networks that Weiland's assertion that there are auditions being held is a little off base. He explains (as excerpted by Blabbermouth), "I'm not aware that we're auditioning right now and I think I would be aware." The bassist went on to add, "I think, you know, that's a band, when it's the right time to happen again, it'll happen."

Reflecting on the group, McKagan added, "That band was so good and really started with all the right intentions and we wrote a lot of material near the end of that band. We kind of got really free musically so we've got all this material and it's a really talented band."

Velvet Revolver's sophomore set, 'Libertad,' arrived in 2007 and tensions with Weiland eventually led to the group ousting the frontman in 2008. The group has tried out several vocalists over the years, but never named an official replacement for Weiland. Tensions thawed enough for Weiland to join the band for a one-off benefit show in 2012, but since that time all talk of the vocalist rejoining the band has been rebuked.