For those lads and lasses going out to celebrate St. Paddy's Day here are a few types of drunks you should avoid.

St. Patrick's Day started in the 17th century to celebrate Christianity coming to Ireland and the heritage of the Irish. That means enjoying some corn beef and cabbage, wearing your green and having a parade.

That makes up about 20% of the people who celebrate St. Patrick's day. For the other 80%, it's about drinking and more drinking. This is that one day a year when people who have no Irish heritage at all claim to be some kind of Irish.

They come out in force and drink Irish coffees, Irish car bombs, lucky leprechauns, Irish whiskey and, of course, green beer of all types. Before the day is over some of them will puke all of those green drinks up and pass out in the street.

Pace yourself my friends and make sure to drink plenty of water along the way and whatever you do don't drink and drive. The cops will be out in force and if they catch you it will cost you a ton of green to deal with it.

Enjoy yourself and have a happy St. Patrick's day.


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