I'm not sure what your weekend plans are but a drone race should be one of them.

Much of my TV watching is ESPN and I've noticed that professional drone racing is now part of the programming schedule. I don't know much about it but it looks like fun! There's a drone race this weekend and it's free to the public.

Like it or not but drones are quickly becoming a part of life. Who knows what the future holds for the technology. Some guys that have a pretty good handle on it, Grand Junction Modeleers are hosting a competition over the weekend. "Drones in the Desert" is this Saturday and Sunday, September 2ed and 3rd. Locals are partnering with The Other Guys FPV. They're one of the biggest drone racing clubs in Colorado. There are cash prizes for the top finishers. The competition takes place at 3320 Whitewater.  For more info click HERE.

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