As the legislative secession comes to a close once again Colorado lawmakers fail to limit drone surveillance. This is the third year lawmakers have tried and failed to pass a measure that would protect our privacy.

The Senate put down the last measure to limit drones in Colorado claiming they couldn't find a way to pass the measure without stepping on free speech or hurting law enforcement investigations.

I'm not really sure how limiting drone surveillance is stepping on free speech, but I will say if you fly a drone over my property I have the right to shoot it down.

If you go to the beach and some kid is flying a drone with a GoPro checking out the babes in bikinis I'm okay with that. The beach is a public place and if you don't want people to see you in a bikini then don't go there.

If I'm on my patio in the hot tube with my girlfriend and you fly a drone over with a camera then you are violating my privacy. The way I see it I have the right to defend myself and blow that shit out of the sky.

As for law enforcement why do they need drones? They have done investigations for decades without them and it seems like they did pretty good at busting the bad guys.

All of this technology is great, but it also has made it much easier for some to spy on the general public.

Contact your lawmaker and tell them to ban this practice in Colorado and stop drones altogether. The NSA is already spying on every person in the world do we really need drones flying overhead as well?