As the calendar turns a page to the new year, so we begin a new season of 5k runs and walks in western Colorado.

If your new year plans include shedding a few pounds and getting into shape, here is a great way to stay motivated during these coldest months of the year.

There's a brand new 5k run/walk this year in Grand Junction and you don't want to miss it. It's called the Monument March to celebrate the opening of the trail that connects Las Colonias Park with the Lunch Loop bike trails. It's the longest 5k of the year because it's actually going to be 6k. That happens to be the distance from Las Colonias to the Lunch Loop parking lot. If you can do a 5k, you can certainly do a 6k.

For those who enjoy the longer distances, you can do a 12k run/walk which will take you from Las Colonias to the lunch loops and back down. Those of us doing the 6k will be bussed to the Lunch Loop parking lot and we get to run downhill and finish the run at Las Colonias.

The date of the Monument March is March 7 at 10:00 am. Be listening and watching for sign-up information and in the meantime, let's get our running shoes on.

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