The Grand Junction Police Department is warning residents of an on-going real estate scam in Grand Junction.

The Grand Junction Police department is warning residents not to be scammed by unbelievable deals. I know we have all heard the phrase 'If it sounds too good to be true then it is' and this is a classic example.

Everyone wants to get a killer deal like gas for a buck or you go through the drive-thru and end up with an extra burger. Well, the fact is while that does happen from time to time, no one really wants to give anyone a deal.

This is the time of the year when scams are very high. A lot of people are getting tax refunds and there is a host of thieves trying to get your money.

Make sure to keep your personal information secret and don't let people know how much of a refund you're getting. The other thing is to make sure to stay on top of what your parents are doing.

Seniors are the number one target of scams so make sure you talk with your parents and make sure they are not getting pulled into a bad deal.