Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade and Central high school students wanted their voices heard.

Parkland, Florida is a long way from the Grand Valley. However, events for that far away place resonated here as area students walked out today. District 51 students were on spring break last week so they couldn't join last week's nationwide protest. They did so today.

Each high school demonstrated their beliefs in different ways. Palisade High School met with opposing views, but all hung their heads in honor of the Florida school shooting victims. Grand Junction, Fruita, and Central were more vocal with their protests. After it was over, students made their way peacefully back to class. Most using the power of silence to make their voice heard.

This is a free country and with that freedom comes the right to protest. Was an interruption on a school day the correct platform? Were there better ways to get their message heard? Most importantly, will any of these protests really make a difference? We shall see.

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