Hold onto your bull whip as Disney has plans to reboot the classic Indiana Jones franchise and they are eyeing Chris Pratt to play the lead. I don't have a problem with Pratt he seems like a good actor but how about something new.

Over the past few years a word that many didn't even think of has become part of our every day language. The word is 'Reboot' and I for one am just a little tired of hearing it.

It seems as thought Hollywood has just thrown any idea of doing a new movie or story right into the trash. Now they do release new movies but most of the big films are just a reboot of a classic.

Batman, Spider-Man, Red Dawn, True Grit, Robocop, Superman and even Footloose have all been rebooted. Those mark just a few and more are on the way, hell Batman has had so many reboots that Thomas and Martha Wayne have been killed more times than anyone in movie history.

So now Disney wants to reboot the Indiana Jones franchise. They bought the rights so I guess they can do what they want but at some point I think the American public will grow tiered of these reboots.

Most of us have seen the originals at some point so why all these reboots? I think it is because Hollywood knows they will make money.

People will go see them either because they love the movie or because they want to see how bad is sucks. So, they make money and it's any easy score the production companies.

That means we get reboots instead of anything really cool and new.