School groups wanting to visit Hanging Lake this year may be able to get discounted tickets.

The possibility of offering discounted tickets for the Hanging Lake hike rests in the hands of the Glenwood Springs City County. If the idea is approved, teachers would be allowed to take their class to Hanging Lake at a cost of $3 per student. The regular fee is $12 during the peak season, and $10 for off-peak times.

The discount would apply to elementary students all the way up to college students, and would be available on weekdays during May, September, and October.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

Of course, the stipulation is that the field trip must have an educational component, and tickets would have to be purchased through the hosting school. The discounted rate does not apply to individual students wanting to do the Hanging Lake hike on their own or with their family.

Hanging Lake is one of the great wonders in western Colorado and every student should be able to experience this adventure at least once. A trip like this might be a great way to educate the younger generation about how to respect nature and enjoy the great outdoors maturely and responsibly. Teaching them while they are young is the best way to shape and influence the future values and behaviors of our children.


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