Colorado is full of natural beauty, but some destinations are much better known than others. In fact, some of these natural wonders are such hidden gems that many Coloradans have never heard of them.

One of these lesser-known destinations to take in Colorado's natural beauty is called the Button Rock Preserve.

Where is Colorado's Button Rock Preserve?

The Button Rock Preserve is located a few miles outside of the picturesque mountain town of Lyons, Colorado. The preserve's parking lot is accessible via a dirt road, but no motor vehicles are allowed onto the preserve itself.

What's Colorado's Button Rock Preserve Like?

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The preserve is the epitome of Colorado's natural beauty that everyone talks about. You'll find a reservoirs, multiple waterfalls, a rocky canyon, pine trees, and more.

In addition, Button Rock Preserve is a popular destination for fishing as the reservoir is stocked with brown trout, rainbow trout, and splake.

Speaking of wildlife, the preserve is known to be home to countless different wild animals that you will be likely to spot on a visit. The animals often seen at the preserve include eagles, mountain lions, coyotes, ducks, geese, mule deer, hummingbirds, cottontail rabbits, squirrels, and more.

However, if you plan to visit Button Rock Preserve, there are quite a few rules to keep in mind. For example, some of the things that are prohibited at Button Rock Preserve include drones, dogs, hunting, swimming, bicycles, hunting, fires, fireworks, horses, and overnight parking, just to name a few.

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