After the gun problems Vice President Dick Cheney has had, I wonder if he should be shooting ANYTHING!

Thankfully no one was INJURED in this situation!

Apparently he was at a charity event September 22nd when his weapon malfunctioned!

According to a local ABC News affiliate the captain of Cheney's team said that the vice president is an excellent shot but that his weapon malfunctioned . . . however Cheney himself blamed,

a small problem with the manufacturer.

What's that mean?!

He's once again the butt of a few jokes with one of the competing team captains saying,

the good news is that his gun didn't work and nobody got hurt.

In reference to when Cheney made headlines back in 06' after he accidentally shot a hunting partner in the face, neck and chest.

It makes you wonder  if he knows the rules of gun safety and how to properly maintain a weapon . . .

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