It's quite a project. A four-year 1.8 billion dollar deal stretched over the next three decades.

Evey time I've flown home my connection was in Denver. Many of you make the drive over to Denver to save some money on flights. Except the place to be in a perpetual state of construction for next several years.

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Denver International Airport agreed on a $1.8 billion contract with a partner that will perform the four-year renovation project. The contract included new concession management and spaces over the next 30 years. That cost estimate has continued to rise ever since airport officials announced the deal.  It started with estimates of 1 billion, then went to 1.3, and finally settled on 1.8 billion. I can't imagine such a number. It's a BIG deal.  The contract in over 15,000 pages! The actual cost of the renovation is $650 million, the rest of the costs are continued parts of the deal over the next 3 decades. No word yet on when the massive construction project will get underway.

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