The opioid epidemic running wild in the United States may see a new battlefront in Denver.

Denver's City Council will be voting today on whether or not to allow a safe injection site in the Mile High city, which would make it the first of its kind in the United States.

Proponents of the measure feel it will help reduce the number of deaths due to overdose and allow those who are using a clean and safe environment in which to do so. Volunteers will be supervising use and providing clean needles. Narcan will also be available in case of overdose.

The program is a two year, privately funded program that still needs final approval from lawmakers.

Those who are against the measure say it enables drug users to use without fear and that nothing will change and sets a bad example for the city and the state.

If the measure passes the General Assembly, the program would be monitored by the Denver Public Health and Environment.

This type of program has succeeded in other cities around the world.

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