Because of its location in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is home to some treacherous roads. We've got several mountain passes, as well as many not-so-regularly maintained roads, sometimes unpaved for their entire existence.

Most Dangerous

However, the Colorado road that has not only been called the most dangerous in the state, country, and even the world, connects two rather small towns on the Centennial State's western slope. This particular highway has earned many nicknames, but its most well-known is the 'Million Dollar Highway.'

How it Got its Nickname

The Million Dollar Highway connects the towns of Ouray and Silverton and has earned the nickname because it allegedly cost $1 million per mile to renovate over 100 years ago, and is still notoriously dangerous.

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A Tragic Past

Many have also referred to the highway as the 'Highway to Hell' as hundreds of motorists have lost their lives over the years trying to get from point A to point B.

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