Crested Butte, Colorado is one of a handful of picturesque ski resort towns in our great state. There are plenty of great places to grab a bite to eat or a cocktail of some sort after a long, fun day hitting the slopes.

However, like most of the ski towns in Colorado, Crested Butte is an equally nice place to visit when there isn't any snow on the ground. In fact, many visitors prefer to spend time in Crested Butte in the summer months to go mountain biking, rafting, or any number of other fun activities that don't involve snow.

Keep scrolling to learn about some of the best places to grab a bite to eat and a beverage during the summer in the adorable little ski town of Crested Butte.

Eat and Drink in Crested Butte Colorado this Summer

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No matter what your tastes or budget are, there are all kinds of great options for food and drink in Crested Butte, Colorado.

For instance, if breakfast is what you're looking for, Camp 4 Coffee and McGill's are both highly rated on TripAdvisor for their food, as well as coffee.

You can also travel the world for lunch and dinner. For example, Secret Stash is a highly-rated pizza place that also serves watermelon lemonade, Teocalli Tamale is a highly-rated Mexican food restaurant with highly regarded margaritas, Ryce Asian Bistro is said to have great teriyaki and Saketinis, and Pitas in Paradise is a great place to go for Greek food and a spicy Bloody Mary.

Of course, you can also go fancy at Marchitelli's, enjoy rum flights at Montanya Distillers, or try one of the many interesting cocktails at The Dogwood.

Keep scrolling to check out ten of the best places in Crested Butte to eat and drink this summer:

Where to Eat and Drink in Crested Butte this Summer

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