Tucked into the side of a mountain in the historic mining town of Creede, Colorado sits the world's only underground firehouse. What's even cooler, is that this unique station is open to the public on some days, meaning visitors can stop by and get a first-hand look at how things operate inside the cave.

The firehouse was built in the 1980s and still serves as the town's current station today. Since Creede has a population of only about 400 residents, the Mineral County Fire Department is staffed by dedicated volunteers.

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The town didn't have funds to purchase land and build a fire station in the 80s, so all of the materials that went into building the mountainside facility came in the form of donations. A local mining company lent their blasting equipment and mine workers volunteered to help drill into the mountain. Soon after that, the floor was leveled and bays were built to store the trucks. The tunnels where the trucks are kept are easy to exit, should the crew need to respond to an emergency.

A small chief’s office, kitchen, and a turnout room where the department's gear is stored were built off to the side. Bathrooms were also installed inside the cave.

The underground firehouse stays cool all year round and requires little maintenance to upkeep its condition.

In addition to housing the district's modern-day department vehicles, the museum next door has pristine vintage fire trucks on display. The museum also features mining memorabilia and other historical artifacts collected from Creede.

Visit the southern Colorado fire station and its adjoining mining museum at 1201 North Main Street in Creede. It's located in the canyon just north of town, on the west side of Main Street/Willow Creek Road.

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