WHAT IS THAT?! Is something I find myself saying frequently in Colorado.

One of the firsts happened when I pulled into my hotel parking lot in Grand Junction and saw this.

That's a prairie dog or a ground squirrel or also a whistle pig. These things are everywhere! This might seem normal to Y'all (yes that's the North Carolina coming out in me) but I wasn't really sure what I was looking at. Turns out going from tree squirrels to ground squirrels is one of the many transitions that come with moving across the country.

Grizzly Bear In Alaska

During my long trek from North Carolina to Colorado as I was driving a 16 ft truck towing a car through Denver, I saw a brown bear who even turned around to look back at me.

It doesn't stop there, I had to ask a fisherman what this guy was at Sunset Lake on the Grand Mesa. "It's a muskrat, duh," he said, except he didn't say duh but I felt like he wanted to.

Wild Place Project Welcomes A Pack Of Wolves
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There's a lot more crazy animals, some of which I look forward to seeing like bighorn sheep, bison and any kind of fox or wolf. Then there's some I don't look forward to coming across like scorpions, piranhas and any and all snakes. Colorado, you're crazy!

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