You'd think the police would be a little smarter when it comes to doughnuts.

Dan Rushing was arrested last December, but the case was dropped a month later after it came out the meth was actually crumbs from a doughnut. Police twice tested the icing in question with drug kits and say it came up as meth.

Police cuffed Rushing after getting a tip about drug activity in a 7-Eleven. They pulled him over after a traffic violation and he allowed them to search his car.

It's unclear if the police department will look into the kits, since, you know, THEY'RE CLAIMING DOUGHNUTS ARE DRUGS.

"It's a terrible feeling to go to jail when you have not done anything,” Rushing said, in one of the most obvious sentences you'll ever hear.

Rushing has no plans to let the matter die, though. He's retained a lawyer and intends to sue the department.

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