We were once again joined in studio Friday morning by comedian hypnotist Rich Guzzi. Rich joined us once in Nashville a few years ago, as well as in our studio when he famously hypnotized our former intern Butthead Lautner. This time around, interns Stephen and Brandon were the lucky ones. 

Rich managed to knock them out well enough for them to believe they had been abducted by aliens, they spoke German and even managed to get them to believe that they were other members of the show!

Rich has shows the next two weekends in places where the show is heard, including next weekend at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville. You can check out his entire schedule here.

You can get more info on Rich and his show at his website, RichGuzzi.com. He has programs for weight loss, stress reduction, stopping smoking, money and success, pain management and even body building! Follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram as well.

And be sure to check out the videos below of our interns being hypnotized!

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