Colorado has plenty of tiny towns that are all under a half square mile. In fact, there are over 100 towns like this with some of them as small as .03 square miles.

While Grand Junction, Delta, and Montrose are all large cities, by comparison, all of them sit near to some very small towns. Some of the small one light/no light towns we will look at today actually are only home to 10 people or less. Hard to believe, right?

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How Many Towns in Colorado are Smaller Than a Half a Square Mile

If a town is less than half a square mile you either have wide-open spaces or you have a lot of people living right on top of each other. Of the 104 Colorado locations that we will look at today, many have a population of just a few hundred people or less. Some of these towns are in the mountains and some are out in the prairies.

What Is the Smallest Town in Colorado?

Literally, THE SMALLEST town in Colorado is Sawpit, Colorado. Located over in San Miguel County which covers a mere .03 square miles, it is home to 36 residents as of the last census.

Check Out 104 of the Smallest Towns to be Found in Colorado.

Data for this rundown comes to us from's Colorado land Area City Ranker which we have broken down from largest to smallest small town below.

Teeny Tiny Colorado Towns That are a Half a Square Mile or Less in Size

Did you know there are over 100 towns in Colorado that are all under half a square mile? In fact, there are over 100 towns this size with some of them as small as .03 square miles.

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