Colorado's Caribou Ranch was once home to not only many timeless recordings from some of the most legendary bands of all time, but it also served as a getaway for musicians that had succumbed to the hardships that fame tends to bring.

However the case may have been, not only did famous artists flock to the somewhat, at the time, seductive studio and perhaps practically fairly secretive Caribou Ranch studios tucked deeply in rural Colorado but some of the most prolific recordings were made there as well.

Songs from some of the most well-known artists such as Elton John, America, Joe Walsh, Rod Stewart, War, Frank Zappa, John Denver, Supertramp, Billy Joel, Kris Kristofferson, Amy Grant, Joni Mitchell, and more were recorded at Colorado's Caribou Ranch.

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Not only that, Beatles legend John Lennon even stayed at the ranch because of Elton John's suggestion.

Unfortunately, the main recording studio that carries so much history burned down in 1985. However, you can still take a virtual tour of the famous Caribou Ranch:

Check Out Colorado's Legendary Caribou Ranch Recording Studio

Colorado was once home to a recording studio at which many legendary artists worked and some of the most timeless recordings in music history took shape.

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