Your chance to win up to $10,000 is coming on Sept. 20. That gives you just enough time to prepare for a potential life change once you're sitting on top of a big pile of cash.

Here are 10 things everyone should do before winning $10,000.

1. Know how many chances you have to win.

It's a lot. We'll give out 10 codes every weekday. That's 10 chances to win every weekday and at least two of those times you could cash in for $1,000.

2. Figure out how you'll spend $10,000.

One grand prize winner will score $10,000. That's potentially life-changing money. So, how would you spend it? Paying off bills? Treating yourself? Taking care of others? Make your plans now!

3. Download our app.

The easiest way to listen to us everywhere is to download our app. Stream your favorite station at work, at home and wherever you go around town.

4. Practice your reaction for when you find out you're a winner.

Are you an "OMG!" person or a "shut up, no way!" person? You need to know these things before you win.

5. Save the date.

The winning starts on Sept. 20 when we announce the first codeword of the day. Circle it on your calendar (if you still have one of those). Set a reminder on your phone.

6. Get snacks.

The more you listen the better chance you'll have at scoring $10,000. With 10 codewords every weekday, you should probably start stocking your stash of snacks. You've got a lot of listening to do between Sept. 20 and when the contest ends on Oct. 15.

7. Remember your favorite radio station.

Is it us? We hope it's us. Do you want to make it preset official in your car? Maybe you'll want to keep it on the down-low and hit us up over here.

8. Practice your money counting skills.

Better yet, relax and listen to the soothing sounds of someone else counting money for you.

9. Shore up that friends list.

Maybe you know some people who also would like to know how they could win $10,000. Maybe you know some people who will say they're your second cousin's husband's roommate in an attempt to get in on your winnings. We'll let you decide who to keep on your friends list.

10. Remember the basics.

Listen for our codewords starting Sept. 20 for a chance to win up to $1,000 every weekday until Oct. 15. Enter the codewords right here on our website. When it's all over, one person will score $10,000.

Are you ready?

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