Colorado and craft beer seem to naturally go together and with so many great craft breweries and a multitude of beers brewed, finding the single best would seem incredibly difficult.

There are some very well-known Colorado breweries including New Belgium, Oskar Blues, Great Divide, Left Hand, Ska and that's just a random sample of the fantastic breweries in the state.

Add to that Grand Junction favorites Palisade Brewing, Kannah Creek, Edgewater, Rockslide, Ale House and others and even the true craft beer fan would have a difficult time deciding on who's the best.

According to Thrillist, one brewery in Colorado stands above the rest and that brewery may surprise you. It's Avery Brewing in Boulder. They picked this brewery for it's mainstays including Ellie's Brown and Joe's pilsner. Also getting high marks were the Dictators series and the Karma Belgian pale ale.

If you haven't tried one of the Avery brews, then go ahead, you won't be disappointed. They're all great craft beers.

Still, I'm not completely convinced there is one single brewery in Colorado that can claim the top spot, but that's what makes craft beer in the state so awesome. You can't really go wrong no matter what craft brew you try.