If current projections are correct, Coloradoans can expect to pay more for gasoline and heat in 2017.

According to the Denver Business Journal, average gasoline prices across the country are expected to jump 16 cents in the first quarter of the year, and average 23 cents higher for the year - with an even bigger increase in 2018.

Colorado Gas Prices.com tells us the lowest price for a gallon of gas in Grand Junction is currently $2.17 - which means by spring we can expect to be paying at least $2.33 in the Grand Valley.

Sure, we are going to be paying more at the pumps, but the price is still a ton better than it was just five years ago when the national average was nearly $4 per gallon. One year ago, Colorado motorists were paying less than $2 per gallon.

It's unlikely that the higher gas prices will have much effect on summer travel plans for Colorado vacationers. Driving is still generally the most economical way to travel.

Meanwhile, natural gas prices are expected to increase by about $1.40 per thousand cubic feet, which means a bump in those monthly energy bills. You comfort next winter is probably going to come with a cost.



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