A Jefferson County jury has found a Colorado woman guilty of kidnapping and assault after she was involved in a kidnapping in Lakewood.

In May, Angelique Cassandra Lopez, along with another woman, allegedly forced a third woman into room at the Big Bunny Motel in Lakewood. Then, they bound the woman to a chair using zip ties and duct tape.

Court records say they threatened her with a handgun, burned her with cigarettes and incense over a three hour period.

The jury heard evidence that she was then injected with a cocktail of methamphetamine and heroin and dumped in a parking lot.


The prosecutor said she was then found barley alive by a woman who called 911.

In total, six people are being charged in the case. So far, four have pled guilty, one other case is pending.

At the time of publishing, no motive has been given for this crime.

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