How do Colorado winter's stack up against the rest of the country?

While the east coast is getting slammed by a winter storm, all remains quiet on the western slope. So far this winter, it's been dry. Matter of fact there's talk of a drought if we don't get some moisture soon.

How bad is each states winter? Yes, there's a list..."Every State, Ranked By How Miserable It's Winter's Are." The fine folks at Thrillist Travel have compiled the info. I'll hold off listing all 50. I'll hit you with the 10 "Best" and the Top 5 "Worst". Here you go...

50. Hawaii- No surprise, right? There's no such thing as winter in this tropical paradise.

49. Arizona- Flagstaff get's some heavy snow at times. I've driven through on I-40 and wasn't enjoying the drive as a steady snow fell. Arizona is a great place to winter. It was 88 in Phoenix last week.

48. California- Yes, it's a "winter wonderland" in the Sierra Nevada Mountains but everyplace else, snow and cold rarely make an appearace.

47. Colorado- In the words of Gomer Pile "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" It may seem odd for CO to rank this high, or low depending on your viewpoint, but snowfall is a reason to celebrate here. Colorado in wintertime isn't that bad at all. The sun is shining, the skiing is world class, and at least for now, weed is still legal for purchase. There's craft beer and...what am I doing? You know how cool winter is here.

46. Florida- Even though they do on occasion get some cold weather and a few snowflakes were reported in Tallassee last week, but for the most part, winter doesn't happen here.

45. New Mexico- It's like Colorado with warmer temps.

44. Louisiana- There's winter's biggest party here...Mardi Gras! Great food and mild winter weather.

43. Texas- Everything's bigger in Texas, except winter. It can get tricky driving around the Big D when some snow does fall but overall, it's a pretty chill winter.

42. Georgia- They did get some snow last week. The whole state nearly shut down. They just don't get the white stuff that often and it sends them into a panic when they do.

41. Alabama-  Will they win another National Championship? Sorry, we were talking about winter. You can play football in that stuff, right?. That's all they care about. 

40. South Carolina- They're more concerned in late summer about hurricanes than they ever will be about snow. They got some last week too.

The Top 5 "Most Miserable"

5. Maine- The winter's here are long, cold, and awful. Nobody actually lives there. They just do summer vacations.

4. North Dakota-  Nobody lives here either. At least you can vacation in Maine. You can't here. If you're not working in an oil field, don't go. It's like Maine with 40 mph winds and blizzards.

3.Alaska- Nope, it's not #1. It was colder in most of northern US last week than Alaska.

2. Michigan- It's where winter lasts the longest. I starts sometime around Labor Day and doesn't end until after Easter or is it Memorial Day?

1.Minnesota- I'll never forget the first time a guy tried to talk me into working a radio gig there. He said, "You'd love it, it's the land of 10,000 lakes!" "Yea, all frozen," I replied. At least the Vikings are looking good this year!

There you have it, "Every State, Ranked By How Miserable It's Winter's Are." For all the states and the entire story, just click HERE. It's only 10 weeks until spring!

Credit: Thrillist   

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