Every town in Colorado has a pretty interesting story to tell. There are so many interesting things to learn about, and we love when you open our free station app and ask us about a topic that you want to know more about.

Grand Junction's name makes perfect sense. It's nestled in the Grand Valley next to the Grand Mesa and was THE railroad hub in the west for many decades while the country moved toward the Pacific.

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Why Does Colorado Have So Many Towns With Odd Names?

I feel like I can offer an objective opinion here have lived in 9 states across the country. Colorado seems to me to have an average number of towns with weird names. Every state has a handful, but ours help tell the story of Colorado, and that's why you are here.

Are These Colorado Towns Really Real?

All of the places we will look at today in the photo gallery below are actual Colorado towns. While some are now "ghost towns", at one time or another people lived there. Can you imagine stopping at a gas station and asking for help finding the Climax? "Pardon me, Sir, can you help me find Spook City?"

We're giving 'the people's eye' to these oddly named communities in Colorado, but that doesn't necessarily mean we would change a thing.

Funny and Real Colorado Town Names that Will Make You Scratch Your Head

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Some of Colorado's small towns are home to some amazing menus!

WIn $500: See Local Entries for Light Up the Grand Valley 2021

Take a look at some of the Grand Valley's best holiday lights displays below. Think your house is one of the best decorated in the neighborhood? Send it to us and you could win $500.

GRAND MESA: A First Timer's Guide to Colorado's Lands End Observatory

The Lands End Observatory was built in 1937. While this ranger station is no longer in use, the lookout is still a popular destination for amazing views of the Grand Valley, Utah, and even the distant peaks of Colorado's 14er mountains.

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