Tourists visiting Colorado spent a record amount of money in 2018.

The growth from 2017 was substantial. Colorado visitors spent $22.3 billion on vacations. That's up 6.7% from the year before.

According to the tourism office, the increase came not from more visitors, that number only increased by a single percentage point, the growth was from the visitors spending more money per person. An incredible 86 million tourists visited Colorado in 2018!

Other report findings included...

• First time ever Colorado had more than one million international visitors. Of those, about 40% came from Mexico and Canada.

• Visitors from overseas were the "highest-value" travelers. They spent an average of $2,438 per person! 

• Those hitting the slopes were Colorado's highest-spending travelers. Skiers and snowboarders spent an average of $1,208 per person on their trip.

• The state collected $1.37 billion in tax revenue from the visitors. Of that, 61% went to Colorado's local governments. 

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