A popular YouTube channel that focuses on chasing storms caught footage of a nasty tornado earlier this week.

The YouTube Channel That Caught the Colorado Tornado

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The YouTube channel that caught the tornado is called StormChasingVideo and it is quite popular. For example, the channel itself has over 267,000 subscribers and the recent video of the Colorado tornado was viewed over 1000 times in less than a day.

Location of the Colorado Tornado Caught on Tape

The filmmakers chased the tornado and caught footage of it near the small town of Sedgwick, Colorado. In case you're not familiar, Sedgwick is a "wide spot in the road" sized town with less than 200 permanent residents located on Colorado's eastern plains near the corner of the state and the Nebraska border.

The tornado itself was near the sprawling acres of farmland that surrounds Sedgwick right off of a two-lane highway.

According to StormChasingVideo's description of the video, the footage was shot on the evening of Tuesday, May 7th, 2022 while it was still light outside. The storm chasers that recorded the footage were meteorologists by the names of Juston Drake and Simon Brewer.

Comments About the Colorado Tornado Caught on Film

A few of the page's fans left comments below the video reacting to the dramatic footage. One of the comments by YouTuber Lloyd Bellis read, "Nice catch guys," while another from user marizxo read, "this one was scary."

Another comment poked fun at the meteorologists' repeated use of the word "wow" saying "everybody drink when he says wow." This comment was written by a user named MrJackb11.

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