Restaurants are beginning to reopen, but we might still be able to enjoy their booze selections from home, even after the pandemic.

According to The Loveland Reporter-HeraldColorado lawmakers have proposed a bill that would extend alcohol delivery and takeout until July of 2022.

The bill would then expire on its own, leaving officials to decide whether or not to allow to-go booze permanently.

If the bill passes, restaurants will be able to continue selling takeout alcohol just as they have throughout the pandemic.

However, to-go containers would have size limitations, and restaurants would be prohibited from having their gross alcohol takeout revenue surpass 50% of their total sales revenue.

These restrictions are designed to prevent the new takeout option from harming liquor stores.

And, while the bill would let us keep the luxury of a take-home margarita, it would also help to keep restaurant sales up amidst COVID-19 uncertainty.

Cheers to that.

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