A Colorado teenager has pleaded guilty of killing her 7-year-old nephew back in 2018.

The woman, 18-year-old Jennie Bunsom was allegedly watching her nephew, 7-year-old Jordan Vong back in 2018, whom she lived with at the time along with her yet-to-be-identified sister, the boy's mother, when an argument with the boy escalated and became violent unfortunately resulting in his death.

Bunsom was 16 at the time, and the incident was allegedly a result of an argument that the two children were having after the boy wanted to play video games and his aunt wasn't ok with the idea.

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Most of the details of the argument that resulted in the boy's death remain unclear, but it has also been reported that following the boy's tragic death, Bunsom attempted to hide his body in their home.

It has been reported that after the boy passed away, Bunsom wrapped the boy's lifeless body in a blanket and hid it in one of the closets in her room.

It is also unclear as to whether or not the boy's mother knew about the tragedy after it took place, but the young boy was reported missing, resulting in two visits to the home by the Denver Police Department.

Bunsom was eventually arrested and charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of child abuse resulting in death. The girl was 16 at the time that the charges were placed upon her but was charged as an adult for the crime.

As of Monday, March 22nd, Bunsom has pleaded guilty of the charges.


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