Have you ever seen a tiny home and thought to yourself that you could see yourself doing something like that? Well, one teacher in Colorado did and when you see how awesome the results are, you might just find yourself inspired to do the same thing.

Colorado Teacher Lives in an Awesome Tiny Home

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The owner of the tiny home you're about to see is named Kristie and she is a full-time instructor at a university in Colorado.

Prior to being a tiny homeowner, Kristie was a fan of TV shows that featured tiny homes and after watching enough of them on the screen, decided to try out the lifestyle herself.

Kristie decided to buy a tiny home shell which she purchased from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses and with an investment totaling around $40,000 and some elbow grease, her tiny home dream came true in a big way.

Now, Kristie and her cat live in their very own tiny home that sits on a trailer, which sits on a four-acre lot.

The home has everything one would need including a kitchen, closet space, a bedroom above the closet, a bathroom with a bathtub, a dining area, and plenty of room for Kristie's books and houseplants.

Overall, getting everything purchased and customized to her liking took Kristie about a year.

Kristie says that her biggest piece of advice to anyone, (specifically women), considering becoming a tiny homeowner as she did but has no experience in the lifestyle is to "just do it!"

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