Fire up the VW Bus, we're heading to Ft. Collins. A picture of a flyer was posted to reddit promoting "Marijuana + Munchies Movie Night" at Colorado State University.

So this Thursday you can find us chillin' with the residents of Corbett Hall on the campus of CSU faded into oblivion watching "We're the Millers". No really! That's what the flyer says.

We're pretty sure they won't be supplying the students with killer dank, but that won't stop those that partake from enjoying the munchies and movie portion of the night.

Although, darkgod77 on reddit raises a good point, this could be a ruse to preach NOT to use marijuana. The fine print we can't see, "we'll lecture you on the negative effects of MARIJUANA, lure you in with free MUNCHIES, and hope you'll stick around for a sub-par comedic MOVIE!!"

Either way, count us in, we'll already have the munchies.