Colorado Parks & Wildlife recently announced fee increases for 2019.

CP&W were granted the power to up fees thanks to the passage of State Senate Bill 1-143. In Section 11 of the bill, it says "...removes the restriction on the commission's ability to raise or lower park fees..." So there you go.     

The increases impact about every outdoor lover starting with state park entrance fees. A day vehicle pass will go up from $7-$9 and from $8-$10 depending on the park. Individual day passes will increase too, bumping from $3 to $4. Annual pass fees are going up too from $70 to $80 for an annual vehicle pass and up from $60 to $70 for seniors.

Yes, camping fees are increasing too. Primitive campsites go from $10-$12 and $14-$18 per night, basic campgrounds fees increase from $18-$20 per night and $22-$28 per night. A campsite with full hookups will increase from $28-$30 per night to $32-$41 per night.

Hunting and fishing permits will cost you more too. An annual resident fishing license jumps from $25 to $33 and the annual resident small-game hunting license increase from $20 to $28. If you hunt or fish, or both, you'll want to check out the breakdown of all the fee increases. They're all going up. Find out more by clicking HERE.

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