It's fascinating to look back into the past and take note of things that were once accepted as the norm but are highly frowned upon today.

It really wasn't that long ago that smoking cigarettes in restaurants wasn't just allowed, but these places were often separated into sections based on smoking or non-smoking preferences.

Another example of a cultural norm that has changed over time is the act of feeding wild animals. Today, we know that doing so can lead to dire consequences not just for the animals, but for humans as well.

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However, some vintage footage taken around Colorado Springs, Colorado in what appears to be most likely the 1960s or earlier shows that feeding wildlife was not just tolerated, but encouraged.

Old Footage Taken in Colorado Shows a Different Reality

When stumbling upon old footage like this, it's always a lot of fun to see how much things have changed.

In this case, we are treated to the documentation of cool, old cars, a flashy old bicycle, vintage apparel, and other antiquated items including an old-fashioned door-knocker.

However, it's perhaps the footage of Garden of the Gods that proves to be the most fascinating.

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As you'll see below, a sign posted at the famous natural wonder reads, "Please Feed Chipmunks Here," an act that seems fun and playful, especially given the time period in which the footage was taken, although today the practice is highly discouraged.

Another interesting sight is that of what appears to be either a donkey or a mule which was likely ridden by tourists in the way that a golf cart might be used today.

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