Those of us who love to hike do so because we appreciate a lot of things about hiking.

First, of course, is how healthy it is for you. Getting out and walking a few miles a day can help keep you healthy and in good shape.

For many, however, the best part about hiking is what you see when you're doing it.

Yankee Boy Basin near Ouray is one of those hikes you gotta love. It's a moderate hike so it's not too difficult for most people. And those views?

Surrounded by Mt. Sneffles as well as Potosi Peak, Teakettle Mountain and more of the San Juans you're hiking in mountain nirvana. Waterfalls, old mining camps, and beautiful wildflowers highlight this hike.

Combine your hike with a drive in and around Ouray and you will find yourself spending the entire day going "Oh wow!" The drive, however, is best suited to higher profile vehicles like 4x4s, so make sure if you don't have one you invite someone along who does!

Colorado Spring Hikes: Yankee Boy Basin
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