It may or may not come as a surprise to find out that studies have shown that cases of children experiencing ailments like diabetes and obesity are on the rise. Of course, it's the parents' responsibility to ensure that their children maintain a healthy diet, but three cities in Colorado have taken legal measures in hopes of curbing this statistic.

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These three cities, Golden, Longmont, and Lafayette, already have their own laws in place that ban restaurants from advertising unhealthy drinks to children, and Denver could very well be next.

What Does the Ban on Advertising Sugary Drinks in Colorado Cities Do?

For decades, a kids' meal at countless restaurants usually included a soft drink like Coke, Sprite, or Mountain Dew, to name a few.

However, recent years have seen these meals for children have more of a focus on healthier drinks like milk or water, and the three aforementioned Colorado cities have made that focus mandatory.

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In essence, the measure allows restaurants to continue to serve sugary soft drinks to children upon request, but are not allowed to advertise these types of drinks directly to kids.

Will Denver Colorado be the Next to Adopt the Ban?

Denver City Council's Business, Arts, Workforce, Climate, and Aviation Services Committee has unanimously approved what is known as the "Healthy Drinks in Children's Meals" ordinance which means that it will be voted upon by the entire city council next.

However, if passed, restaurants will be given until July 2025 to update their advertising and may request up to $2000 from the city to offset the costs of doing so.

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