Although things like tattoos, piercings, and unnatural hair color are more accepted in today's society than perhaps ever before, it's not always easy for those who consider themselves to be "alternative" in this way to fit in at just any old church.

However, one particular church in Colorado is not only accepting of people who look different but it was actually founded for that very reason.

What is Colorado's Scum of the Earth Church?

The church is known as Scum of the Earth, a phrase taken directly from the Christian bible's book of 1 Corinthians, and first opened its doors back in 2000.

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The idea for the name came from co-founder Reese Roper, a member of the wildly popular Christian Rock band Five Iron Frenzy. Roper, along with Mike Sares, were inspired to create a welcoming place for Christians who, traditionally, might be considered outcasts.

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These groups include labels like goths, punk rockers, and ravers, many of whom express themselves through music, tattoos, piercings, various art forms, skateboarding, and other activities that don't traditionally go hand-in-hand with church.

Located at 935 W. 11th Avenue in downtown Denver, the church also features numerous murals on the exterior and interior walls and windows, along with other works of art hanging throughout the building.

Despite the vast differences between Scum of the Earth and, say, a Baptist church, the sermons, teachings, praise music, and various group activities still center around Christianity.

Keep scrolling to check out Scum of the Earth, as well as some of the gorgeous artwork displayed in this unique Colorado church:

Scum of the Earth Church Welcomes Tattooed + Pierced Coloradans

A Christian church in Colorado goes by the name Scum of the Earth, a phrase taken right from the bible, and is accepting of members from all walks of life.

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