The Oxford Dictionary defines acrophobia as an "extreme or irrational fear of heights."

Having a fear of heights is something many individuals deal with daily and in some cases, it can affect enjoying things like rollercoasters, zip-lining, or even flying on a plane. In addition, in other cases, suffering from acrophobia might even affect the type of job someone is willing to take.

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You've likely seen people whose jobs require them to be suspended hundreds of feet in the air earning their paychecks by washing the windows of skyscrapers, an occupation that wouldn't work out very well for someone with acrophobia, especially if they were employed by the tallest skyscraper in Colorado.

What's it Like to Wash the Windows of the Tallest Building in Colorado?

Towering at 717 feet above the Mile High City, Denver's Republic Plaza is the tallest building in the state of Colorado. The building is located at 370 17th Street in the heart of downtown Denver and contains a whopping 56 floors.

Because of the building's extreme height, it has been used for things like the American Lung Association's "Mile High Stair Climb," but primarily serves as office space.

Of course, someone has to wash the enormous building's windows which involves positioning a moving platform from the roof, then riding the platform down the building slowly while washing and wiping off each window until the platform reaches the bottom.

The job comes with perks such as amazing views of Denver's cash register building, Civic Center Park, and the state capitol building, to name a few.

Keep scrolling to see what it's like to wash the windows of Colorado's tallest building:

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