Colorado says "NO" to Girl Scouts selling their cookies outside of pot shops or any adult-oriented business.

A couple of weeks ago the story broke about a Girl Scout troop in San Francisco selling their cookies out side a pot shop and they sold over 100 boxes. Now our state has cut that avenue off to cookie sales.

I think they are really missing the boat on this one. I wouldn’t want them selling outside of a bar, liquor store or a strip club, but pot shops are a great place to sell cookies

Everyone who goes into one will have the munchies in a few hours, what is better than some great Girl Scout cookies and at just four bucks a box it is a killer deal.

I have never seen any of the girls out by themselves, there is always a parent with them so let them sell their cookies. I bet they are as safe as they would be in front of any other store and I’m sure they need to sell quite a few boxes so what is the big deal?

To me this seems like the best way for parents to have a real talk about drugs with their kids and sell some cookies.

This weekend is the last to score those cookies and our local girl scouts will be in front of the City Market, Safeway and Walmart stores in the Grand Valley. The cookies are just four dollars and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Girl Scouts.

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